One Girl.

when angels fall to earth, no one notices.
except an unsuspecting man.
dumbstruck, dare i say?

a crowd of one thousand in an arena,
and he sees a little girl in a wheelchair.
paralyzed, but far from sad.
she has a smile spread across her round face.
she’s listening intently, but she’s focusing
with her ears,
she cannot see him, her blue eyes are closed,
her blonde hair tucked into litte piggytails.
her hands folded.
as he reads another passage from the bible,
and begins his sermon,
he glances back towards her.
she smiles and nods at him,
and he continues.

as the man finishes up his sermon of faith,
he turns in the direction of that little girl in the front row,
she is crying,
and with tear filled eyes she mouths to him,
thank you.
he looks away, but in his mind he plans to go up to her afterwards and meet her.
because she made his day.
and he’d made hers.

the man looks back in her direction, he realizes she has disappeared.
funny, his sermon was about
angels on earth.

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