Icy River

I looked down at Bernard. He was sitting up against his truck chewing on a straw-like weed he plucked from the ground. My thoughts slipped to highschool. I’m so scared he’ll replace me with some other girl.

“I’m serious Bernard.” I said laughing. “The girls’ll be all over you the first day, ya big hunk.”

“Oh and the guys won’t stop dead in their tracks at the sight’ah you?” Bernard joked. “Your just too hot.” I threw my head back in laughter at that. “I think ya need to cool off.” Bernard said, picking me up and dumping me in the icy river.

“Ah!” I jumped up, screaming. My baby blue tank and short jean shorts were now soaked through. Bernard stood on the shore laughing, his cut-off jeans and shirt had water drops on them from my splash.

I walked casually on shore and pushws him into the river when his eyes are closed.
“Hey! That’s cold!”As he stands up, he splashes the what towards me. I laugh and run around the other side of his truck.

If only he could like me like I like him. I thought.

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