Escape the Zombies (CLFM 8)

“Don’t shoot! Don’t Shoot!”

The shotgun blast splattered harmlessly off the roof. Behind us a rolling mass of burning zombies crawled blindly around the fields-the benefit of a super heated front end.

“Who the Hell are you?”

A boy joined the girl, both covered in fouled blood and bits of dead flesh. Firelight from burning zombies and the inferno of the city cast orange glows and grey shadows across their faces. They looked exhausted, resigned to faceless death. It was the boy talking now, seeing us had brought a spark of life back to his eyes.

I looked back in the mirrors. A new, relatively undamaged army of the mindless creatures was moving towards us.

“Want a ride somewhere?” I asked.

The boy looked at the girl, slapped her softly once, just enough to bring some light back into her eyes.


We got out for them to climb in the back and I started the car.

It stood up, on it’s rear end, then rockets ignited taking us into space.

“Wtf,” the boy said.

Precisely, I thought.

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