A Life Wrecking Decision

Samael stood, effortlessly, and was beside Aysen in less than a second.
“You should admit it sooner or later,” he whispered. “She is a very easy target; you may have not killed her, but it is only a matter of time before another vampire finds her…”
“Not if I have something to say of the matter,” Aysen said, clenching his fist.
“Now you’re telling me that you’ll actually protect a human?” Samael said, now getting aggravated.
“Of course,” Aysen replied, curtly.
“Get out,” Samael hissed silkily.

Aysen knew better than to stay longer; he glided out of the door, shutting it behind his back.

Samael sat down on a chair, and drummed his elegant, pale fingers on the ebony table.
“It disgusts me,” he said, gripping the glass so hard it shattered. “It disgusts me to see such pure feelings in a dirty being,” he spat, and crushed the glass fragments between his fingers.

Numerous cuts lined his hands; they leaked no blood, and healed instantly.
“I’ll have a little fun with them…” Samael laughed, sitting back.

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