A pure dose [Ficlet Number CL Challenge]

I decided to go for an evening stroll. I walked about three blocks when I felt it. A pure burst of unadulterated pleasure.

Cortical stimulation by subsonic ray, known in the modern slang as corsub. Purer than the best drug that man can produce, or the rush of your sporting team winning the championship, or even whispered nothings from a love that you though unrequited.

I stood still for I don’t know how long, basking in the sheer glory of it.

And then it was gone. What was previously a bright spring day became drab. Where just minutes before I had been looking forward to a wonderful day of coaching little league e-ball, now I did not want to face the screaming little ninnies.

I turned down a side street, looking for the corsub dealer. Their marketing strategy had succeeded again.

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