First Day

I wake up early the next morning. I do my hair and eat. I throw on my favorite pair of blue jeans that hugged me in all the right places and a poke-a-dotted tank over a white tee shirt.

“Bye Mom!” I call as I walk out the door. Bernard was waiting for me outside in his truck. I jump inside and wave hello. He drives us to our school.

” ‘Member your promise Bernard.” I say as we get out. He nods and we walk into school to find our lockers. The girls stop and stare as we walk through the halls. My locker was 5 away from Bernards. Already he had four different girls numbers. I roll my eyes as I try to open my locker.

“Hi.” I hear next to me.

“Hi.” I anwser and glance over at the boy belonging to the voice. I smile at him then go back to trying to get my locker open. “Stupid thing.” I mutter under my breath.

“Here.” Brown-eyed boy says. I step out of his way and he kicks my locker. It springs right open.

I laugh. “Thanks!”

“No problem for a pretty girl.” He says, winking, and walks away.

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