Out of the Sewer Into the War... (CLFM 10)

“Hey, you left Fluffy behind,” big and ugly glared at me as the car finally burst out of the sewers.

Wrenching metal and plastic it reformed into a decent car-like shape. Just as explosive shells began landing around us.

“I think I’d rather have stayed with the zombies,” blondie said.

“Ah, I call these good memories,” Mountain head took a deep breath. “Boot camp. Must be training rookies out here.”

“In this death trap?” I asked. Then, breaking to a halt too late I slid the front end of the chevy into a five foot trench. At one end of the trench a huge tank belched black smoke, at the other a soldier dressed in Darth Vader gear was moaning.

“We’d best get out before she blows.” Rocky advised. Climbing out of the mishapen junk we managed to run along the trench to the soldier.

“Not again,” he groaned. “I can’t fail again.”

“Over there,” Jumbo pointed to a small undamaged house. “Let’s get in there and work out the best way out of here.”

“You ain’t gonna make it,” Les whispered in my ear.

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