The Good Little Wolf Gives His Uncle Bad News

The Good Little Wolf woke up from his nap. What had he dreamed about? Something about stealing cheese sandwiches from sheep? All he really knew about the dreams was that he had done bad things in them.
Then he realized that he had only dreamed about those things, and not done them. He wasn’t a wolf who would do those things. He was a good little wolf, who wouldn’t always be little, but would always be good.
And, as a good wolf, there was something he had to do. He had to break the news to his uncle. So, not long after waking up from his nap, he was knocking at his uncle’s door. “Big bad uncle, visit number three!”
“Come in, favorite nephew, talk to me,” was the eager reply. They sat down, and the good little wolf told his uncle that he’d dreamed of doing bad things. “That was my afternoon dream too. You were so big and bad -” said his uncle happily.
“But uncle… that was the dream nephew. The real me is good.” The little wolf looked nervously at his uncle, and saw something he expected never to see.

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