Beauty in My Eyes.

The soft ground was crunching underneath my feet. Must be dirt. I could sense that a fairly large object was in front of me, and I heard a whinny. “You can go ahead and touch her now, Lydia.”I’ll touch it when I’m good and ready, I thought. I hate the pity, the loud talking. I’m not deaf, idiot, I’m blind, I wanted to say. I reached out in front of me and hit something in front of me. “Easy, now,” I muttered. The horses breathing slowed, and I could feel that it was relaxed now. I bent down further and put my foot into the stirrup. I slung my other leg over. I didnt have to say anything, the horse immeadiatly started walking and I hung on tightly. It was a soothing feeling to rock back and forth with the movements of the horse’s walking. “She is a black horse, Lydia,” the horse trainer said. All I had to do now was name her. I whispered into the horse’s ear: “You name is Beauty.” “Her name is Beauty,” I said. With that I squeezed the horses sides, and we cantered into the distance, Beauty would be my eyes

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