Stranded On An Invisible Island

I woke up dazed and dizzy.
In my dream,I heard my mom whispering my name,’‘Crissy….’’,’‘Crissy…..’’,then my mom’s whispering turned into a roar and her silhoutte turned into a silhoutte of a monster.
I moved my numb hands and felt sand.
I looked around and saw that I had been washed up the island that I could only see during low tide.
That was pretty bad.I guessed that meant I would disappear with the high tide.
I slept for about an hour.Luckily,I still had a resource that told me time.
My waterproof Swatch.
After about an hour of eating unidentified berries,I decided
that I would dive and see if my uncle dropped any of my equipment.
I put on my damp googles and dived,but this time I didn’t gawke at the beautiful sight.
Right when I was about to give up searching,I saw it.
My oxygen tank was drifting downward and slowly being concealed in darkness.
I had to get down there,and fast.
Then swimming out of the darkness right next to my tank,was a pack of 8ft. long hammerhead sharks.

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