A Scream in the Rain Pt. 2

I run outside, the glass shattering on the floor behind me as I push through the screen door. Rain instantly covers my glasses, the world broken into dozens of water prisms. The rain has gotten heavier. I sprint, almost tripping on the slick grass. All I can do is stare as best I can at the shattered window. I push in the opened door, and –
What am I doing? There’s a man with a gun. I stop in the foyer, rain dripping off of me onto the tile. No lights, the whole house is dark and silent, the only noise the rain. I scan the room. There, Ms. Finchman’s cane. A weapon. I wield it and move into the living room, with the shattered window. And freeze again. There he is, just standing over her body. I can see the silhouette of a gun at his side. Is.. is he crying? I make one step forward, and brush against a vase, the crash echoing that of the glass earlier. The figure turns instantly, gun leveled.
I gasp.

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