Reflections of a Unicorn Queen

Nina stood by a puddle of rainwater, examining her reflection and trying to get used to seeing completely opposite views out of each eye. She was a unicorn.

What’s more, she was queen —or alpha mare, or whatever—of all the unicorns on this island. She could feel every one of them—even the three skittish “humacorns”—as distinct presences in the back of her mind. How had that happened?

It was as if the unicorns had given her something. Something old, something powerful. That power was expressing itself in her, making her more than she had been. And yet, she was still herself. Her decisions were still her own—with one little caveat. She couldn’t think only of herself anymore. Now she had to do what was best for the herd.

She sighed. It came out in an equine snort, rippling the water and distorting her reflection. She wanted to help the herd—to stay with them and never leave them. But she wanted to get revenge on Alan, too.

How the hell was she ever going to do both?

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