Chasing Tornados

Kitty looked out her window. Ahead of her was her target. A large, F3 tornado. She rolled the window up again, locking the freezing rain from coming inside her truck. She glanced at the radar glued to her dashboard, always keeping one eye on the tornado. A car going the other way beeped as she passed, their arm waving out the window. A feeling of joy filled her, and she let out a small laugh.

The tornado shifted on its course, swerving slightly towards her. She held her breath before pounding onto a dirt road, going parallel to it. Its roaring filled her ears, making her deaf to her surrondings. The small data orbs in the bed of her trunck rattled as she hit a large bump. Kitty sped up, trying to race the tornado.

“Kitty, what are you doing?” A voice called over the radio. “Wait for us to regroup, you need someone with you to unload the orbs infront of the tornado! You can’t do it by yourself!”

Kitty switched the radio off, pressing on the gas harder.

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