Deal Gone Sour?

“Here are your family units.” I told the Vronel. “I hope they serve you well.”

“My name’s Kraine,” my constructo-look-a-like stepped forward and waved. “I’m Kaine’s twin, I’m coming along with the others to make sure you apply all standard, livestock and entertainment practices for our people.”

“Assure, all good care, taken of,” the Vronel beamed happy crystal thoughts from all sides.

Yeah, right I thought. I could recognize bullshit when I saw it, even from an alien.

“Good, excellent,” Kraine said. “If you would just show us where to go…?”

“Follow lights,” Vronel said, and a small pulsing band of light began running along one of the corridors.

“Good,” I turned to Vronel rubbing my hands together. “Now let’s talk Kayla and platinum.”

“Uhm,” Vronel said.

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