The last chase

John, the teams tracker, reeled off facts on the radio. Kitty paid no attention, insead sticking her head out of the window, searching for her sister’s car. It was her first time out with the group. Seeing Katie’s car up in the front, Kitty pulled her head in, hiding from the rain.

“Kitty, don’t worry ‘bout her. Katie is the best chaser in the state.” David said, the one who was driving.

“I know, but still… That’s a big tornado!” Kitty replied “I’ve never seen something that big! I know we’re the last car in the troup but-”

Kitty was cut off by John, his voice going up an octave has he reported, “All stop! All stop! The tornado is moving, she’s shifting her course. She’s heading right towards us! And she’s gaining strength!”

The whole caravan stopped, and Kitty saw Roxanne, the person assigned to film the tornado- stick her camera out the window.

“I’m going in!” A new voice shouted over the radio.

“Katie! Don’t! Its too dangerous!” Another said. It was the last time Kitty saw her.

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