A Chaser's Set-back

The road was harsh, potholes and bumps scattered across the road. On a particularly big bump, Kitty rammed into the dashboard, accidently switching the radio back on. She ignored the voices, since they clearly didn’t recognize that her radio had been turned back on.

“Kitty! Stop!” The voice wasn’t from the radio, as she suspected, but from outside. “Kitty!” The voice said again.

Kitty looked behind her, only to see another car trailing after her. The car’s horn beeped, Kitty grabbed the radio and spoke into it, “Joey, stop. I’m doing this. Pull back, I don’t need help.”

Silence followed as the rest of the troup quieted, listening. Joey finally replied, “Kitty, I’m not going to let you do this!”

“Why not!?” Kitty yelled back. “This is my life, if I want to throw my life away then I can.”

“Kitty, pull over. I know what your going through. You want to do what Katie dreamed. She died a year ago Kitty, let it go! Let it go Kitty. People care about you! Like me! I care about you! Just stop! Please!”

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