Invited To The 7 Contenants Of The World

I couldn’t believe I was late,AGAIN!!!
I mean,mom could’ve woken me up,but no.She just had to sleep in,too.
In gym,we were playing dodgeball…
For the 100,000 time in a row.
Annie Peller was the first one to throw a ball at me in the first 2 seconds.She’s the school’s girl bully.
In Pre-k she only picked on the nerdiest of nerds,but now..
Now it was her hobby.
I kicked stray rocks on the sidewalk as I walked home.
But I wasn’t feeling bad when I opened the mailbox and
found a letter that said I’d won a contest I’d entered that would allow me to spend 3 weeks in each contenant of the world.
I was so excited I didn’t even think about Annie’s expression when she heard.
I’d just gotten out of a chaotic airport without my parents, when I met with a chauffer who brought me to meet the tour guide and group.Our first stop would be in Antartica.
I noticed the tour guide,Lauren, was giving me weird looks.
Finally,the tour guide pulled me aside and I watched as she turned into a scaley,revolting monster.

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