A Question (Ficlet Number CL: A Cup of Inspiration Challenge)

“Who would you like to have been in a past life? Who would you have hated to be?” she asked him.

“J.P. Morgan.” he replied while watching TV.

She looked over at him. “For which one?”

“Both.” he replied. He started to change channels.

“No, you have to choose one for each.” she answered.

“You didn’t say I had to chose two people. You asked for who I would like to have been and who I would have hated. My answer is J.P. Morgan, because he was rich and I would have hated him, because he had an ugly nose.” He had stopped flipping channels and put the remote down.

“But you need to choose two people.” She was starting to get frustrated with him.

“Fine, then I would like to have been Virgil Hilts and Col. von Luger.”


“Hilts was the hero in The Great Escape, and von Luger was the Nazi in charge of the camp.”

She looked over and saw that The Great Escape was on TV. “You just said that because it’s on TV. You’re no fun.”

“Well, I had said J.P. Morgan, because of the documentary I was just watching.”

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