“Young lady, may I ask why you aren’t in bed sleeping?” Ashley’s mom was pissed.

“I was downstairs. I couldn’t sleep so I went to go get something to eat.” That was the first excuse that popped into Ashley’s mind.

“Well then, why did you stuff a pillow under your covers?” Ashley was trying to stop her mom from noticing she was gone by doing that, but now her carefulness had gotten her into trouble.

“I didn’t know a pillow was there!” Ashley tried to sound as innocent as possible.

“Why don’t I believe you?” Obviously she hadn’t sounded innocent enough.

“I don’t know mom. Why don’t you believe me?” Ashley wasn’t sure what else to say.

“We’ll discuss this in the morning. Go to bed. You seem to be forgetting we have a big day tomorrow.” Finally. Ashley thought her mom was never going to leave.

“Alright good-night.” Ashley’s mom was hesitating at the door.

“Ashley, the reason I don’t believe you is because I saw you outside… with Brett.”

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