The chickens come home to roost

Dean was tired. Sean read at about half his speed. Most of their simultaneous study of the book was spent waiting for Sean to catch up, and it was tiring as anything.

“I’m going to get something to drink” he said to Sean, who mumbled “umm yeah”, clearly distracted by what he was reading.

Dean looked over, saw that it was the chapter on sexual deviancy and vampirism, and mentally forgave him.

He walked downstairs into the kitchen and was surprised to find Sean’s mother there, scraping the burnt results of another foray into haute cuisine into the dustbin.

“Umm, hi Mrs H” Dean said. “Well hello my daarling” Sean’s mother chirped. “Can I offer you anything?”. Dean gulped “A cooldrink would be nice, uh, thank you Mrs H”.

He just could not understand it, he had many friends with attractive mothers, but Sean’s mother was the only one that affected him so.

She handed him a cooldrink, wafting past in a cloud of heavenly scent. Her wide smile as she left the kitchen barely showed two tiny fang points.

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