As if There Isn't Enough Twists and Drama Already...

As soon as Aedin closed the door, Romulus starting shaking and snarling. His eyes turned red, and he pounced on Kamaria.
“What the!?”
He stared at her with his evil eyes, as he pinned her to the cold ground.
Great Kamaria thought. As if I didn’t have enough drama today. One minute I’m being stalked by crazy classmates and the next I’m running from my own home with a mysterious guy and taken to a secret vampire lair. Now I’m gonna be brutally murdered by my half brother that I never knew I had! Geez, this is starting to sound like a soap opera!
“What did I do?” she asked as she frantically tried to escape the werewolf’s death grip.
Suddenly the walls started to shake and crumble.
Oh boy, what now?

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