You Shall Not Take My Brain! (Alternate Movie Ending Challenge: A Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy)

Arthur thrashed around in the binding chair he was sitting in. He struggled to get out of the way of the small, spinning saw aimed right at his forehead. He screamed for help from his friends, but the only response he got was a slight head nod from Trillian.

The two mice saw Arthur struggling against the brain extractor, and giggled, thinking of how the silly human was so silly. (They may have large minds, but extremely limited imaginations.)

“Come on, don’t you know the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42?!?!?!” screamed Arthur.

One of the mice stopped giggling for long enough to explain. “Well, of course we know that’s what Deep Thought said, but she clearly isn’t right!”

“Yeah, I mean, she was obviously watching her telly a bit too long before then. It’s the answer to 6 X 7 all right, but it simply doesn’t sound right!”

“Which is why we need your brain!” the first mouse finished, with a slight giggle.

Arthur just screamed as the saw hit his forehead.

“Teehee!” said the mice.

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