Becoming Jane [alternate movie ending Challenge] part a

They stared at each other in the pub, his eyes piercing her soul. “Jane… Jane, don’t do this to me.â€? She couldn’t look at his face without tears filling her eyes.

Tom continued. “Jane, my mother married my father in the same manner. They are happy together. They just needed a little bit of money. My brothers and sisters can help them out. My parents would rather me marry for love than for money!â€? Mr. Lefroy realized that he had raised his voice so loud that others were listening with interest for new gossip.

He sat silent, looking at Miss Austen who was still gazing out the window, only now her cheek shone with tears. Mr. Lefroy took the girl’s hand and said her name softly. “Jane…â€?

Miss Austen slowly turned to face his piercing blue eyes. “You said that you depend on me,â€? he whispered. “I depend on you and you alone. I do not wish to know a life without your face and your love.â€? Miss Austen blushed deeply. She realized that he would do anything in the world for her.

“Then… will you wait?â€? she asked.

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