Freak out

I wasn’t orignally the type that would freak out over little things. But this time, my freak-out would reach the limit even I didn’t think existed.

He was there, smiling at me across the club. The low-dimmed, colored lights shone upon his gorgeous face, and he was all cool…unlike me.

My friend shook my shoulder, and I had to make a effort to wrench my gaze away from his face. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her that I saw someone I knew. When I pointed him out, she uttered a small wolf wistle. I grinned, looking away in shyness.

In the next moment, his strong strides brought him up to me, and I gulped.

“I’m wondering if you’re wearing stronger heels this time?” He asked, his voice soft against the throbbing loud club music. I was a coward, but even I could not refuse an inward freak-out at that one.

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