Becoming Jane [alternate movie ending Challenge] part b

Tom leaned back in his chair. “Why must I wait?â€?

“Stay with your uncle,â€? Jane pleaded. Tom shook his head in disgust. “I know it will be hard to abide by him, but you must! Give half to your family and save the rest in secret. I shall write my books and save the proceeds. When we have enough, then we can be together. Can you do that?â€? She held his quivering hand in both of hers.

“It will indeed a long time before we can marry.â€?

“I am willing if you, Mr. Lefroy, feel the same.â€? She gave him a smile of comfort, hoping he would return it, and indeed he did.

They returned to Hampshire before parting. Of course both had the unfortunate pleasure of facing aristocratic scorn, most notably Tom by his uncle and Jane by Lady Gresham. However, both found some comfort in their own families.

Tom became a successful lawyer and inherited his uncle’s properties. Soon afterward, he and Jane were wed. They moved to Ireland, where Tom was appointed Lord Chief Justice. In time, two daughters were born, Elizabeth and Emma.

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