Alexi's Lunch

The roof top door crashed open & Alexi burst out, kinetically amped up & ready to fly. He dove through the a gap in the safety barrier, hit a ramp at full speed, the magnetic bumpers of his board detecting the surface, anchoring just enough to pull closer but not physically connect.

He skipped across rails, sparks flying when he caught them almost too late. The glow of his boards grav plates lit the skylights of the office below and caused a draft that kicked up dust and loose leaves from the grey water collecting gardens beneath him. He pushed off a final rail with gusto, triple flipped in the air and landed right in the middle of the office worker’s roof cafe, startling them all and causing several unbreakable dishes to plummet, then bounce off the ergonomic floor coating.

A hatch opened near the cafe’s entrance and a security bot popped out, spread its spidery legs and shouted a warning.

Alexi just grabbed a nearby panini & took a chomp.

Then he leapt off the building’s edge.

1500 feet.

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