One shall not be judged by his writing

“Are you Ravyn Hopkins?” A voice said. Ravyn looked up from the coin at the person. Who she saw suprised her, since the boy looked to be younger than Ravyn, 21, and did not look as formal as his writing was.

“Yes, I am.” Ravyn replied

“Finally!” The boy said, sitting (more like plopping) down on the bench beside her. “I’ve been looking for a half an hour for you. Asked about ten different girls, two of them gave me a slap in the face!” He smiled at Ravyn, and now she could see a tint of red on his right cheek.

“And what is your name? You know mine, but I don’t know yours!” Ravyn said.

“Oh, yes, yes. My name is Shawn Williams” Shawn replied, once again smiling a smug grin. “You looked a lot hotter in real life than in pictures….”

WHAT !? ” Ravyn cried, standing up and looking down at the startled Shawn.

“Uh….Did that come out?” Shawn asked, almost shrinking into the bench.

“Yes it did!” Ravyn said. ” Now I have a question for you. Did you really come here for my help, or as a joke?”

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