Never Hear The End

“Hey!” I yelled. “Leave her alone!”

The three guys picking on that girl turned around. They all looked to be a couple of years older than me, maybe grade 9 or grade 10. Yeah, they were bigger and stronger. And, yeah, they had me outnumbered. But I knew my friends well enough. If I didn’t say something, I would never hear the end of it.

“Mind your own business,” one of them said.

“I can make it my business!” Yeah, that’s it. Be tough! Show them who’s boss!

The three of them turned their backs on her and started walking toward me. I got myself ready for the fight of my life. When they were close enough, I threw a punch, as hard as I could, at at one, and he…

...just grabbed my arm, twisting it behind my back. The other two started punching me.

All of a sudden, that girl was there, throwing punches and kicks better than any Hong Kong action flick! The three of them took one heck of a pounding before they ran.

Saved by a girl. I knew my friends well enough. I’d never hear the end of this.

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