Coming to Her Senses

Kitty’s mind reeled. The past year had been hard, ever since Katie’s death. Many didn’t even acknowledge her death, not even their parents. Kitty’s parents sent a ‘Get Well Soon! card, and when Kitty called them saying Katie was dead, not sick, her mom just laughed and hung up. Nobody was there to comfort her, no one had said they cared. For the past year, Kitty thought she was alone.

“Kitty! Stop!”

Joey’s voice echoed in her head. This was the whole reason Kitty continued chasing tornadoes, to do what Katie dreamed to do. She was ready to throw her life away because she thought she was alone.

“What am I doing?” Kitty asked herself. She slammed on the brakes, causing Joey to slam on his and swerve to the side. Kitty sat in the car, staring down at her hands, trembling.

“Kitty!” Joey called, jumping out of his car and running over to her’s . “Kitty, are you alright?”

“Yes!” She said, looking up at him.

“Sorry to interupt you lovebirds, but the tornado is heading right towards you!”

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