The Head of a Tyrant

So evil a tyrannical dictator was he, that after the coup, they drug his corpse through the dust covered streets.
They then hung him from the tallest tree.

After a few days, they cut him down and lopped off his head, put it on a long stick and paraded it through the streets. His body was tossed into a shallow grave, the very grave where countless thousands were buried after the tyrant took over the tiny country so long ago.
The crowds chanted and were joyous that their oppressor was no more.

The crowd placed the head upon a spike atop the town hall where it remained for thirty years until a strong wind blew it down.
The head was found later in a field by small boys. They kicked it around like a soccer ball until they were called to dinner by their mother.
The head of the dictator stayed in the field, rotting for five more years.
A rabid dog found the head, carried it in it’s jaws into town, dropped it in front of a church and ran off.
The decayed head was later finally laid to rest by a kindly priest.

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