First Kiss

I can’t stop crying. Bernard and I are sitting at our spot at the lake. My face is buried in his shoulder, tears staining his shirt. I finally stop and sit up.

“I’m so sorry!” I blubber, noticing the wet spot.

“Don’t worry about it, Faith.” Bernard says, moving my hair out of my face. His hand lingers on my cheeck, and I attempt to smile.

“I should have known he’d use me..” I mumble, turning to look at the setting sun.

“How could you? You’ve known him for two days!” Bernard exclaims. I lean back and rest my head on his muscled chest. He puts his arms prtotectivly around me and smiles down at me. “Faith..”

“Yeah Bernard?” I ask, trying to keep excitment and hope out of my voice.

“You really are gorgeous..” He whispers.

“Thanks.” I whisper back to him. I sit up and turn to face him. Reaching one hand out I hold his face. “For everything.”

With that I kiss him. My lips are asking his if this is okay, if it’s what he wants to. “I waited to long for that.” I breath as I pull away.

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