The Great Change

“Platinum will you have.” Vronel stuttered at me, “And your Kayla we having. Find her changeformed you will. Not wanting her back, I think you.”

I stared at the purple cloud gritting my teeth. “What have you done to her?” I wiped my brow. I would soon be yelling at an insubstantial alien. Have to keep it together a little longer, I thought to myself.

“Throw in five hundred ton units for trouble your.” The cloud stirred, odd lenticular shapes forming within Vronel’s body.

“No deal.” Fortunately we were prepared for this eventuality. “If you renege on this, all of the family units will cease to function.” That feature had been a good safeguard. “Show me Kayla. Now.”

She floated out towards the platform, hovering a meter above the ground in a meditative posture. “Kaine?” She said, eyes closed and lips unmoving. “I feel weird.”

Between her hands a light grew, spikes of energy radiating outwards. Looking closely, I could see the change Vronel mentioned.

Kayla now appeared to be composed of purple dust.

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