Flying with Two Leprechauns in a Hovercraft

Now our friends are aboard a very roomy hovercraft. The owners of the hovercraft (two cheery leprechauns named Carl and Marina) have agreed to take Sir Gavin to the nearest town. Hopefully they’ll make it in time. Let’s see how the others are handling the situation, shall we?
“Do you think we’ll make it, Abella?” asks Aurora.
“I hope so.”
“Well, what should we do now while we’re waiting?” asks Sir Sebastian.
“How about helping me with him!”
They look over at poor Sir Damien who’s desperately trying to separate himself from the Croatian man who appears to be smelling his shirt. Odd.
“Dobro mirishi!”
“What’d he say? What should I do?”
“Just keep him happy for right now, until we reach our destination,” replies Quinn.
“Fine!” snaps Sir Damien.
“Mogu li te poljubiti?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever!” Sir Damien answers. The Croatian man moves closer.
“AHHH! I’ve been violated!”
“GROSS!” exclaims Abella.
Aurora and Quinn laugh hysterically. Suddenly, Carl comes rushing into the room.
“Come quick! It’s Sir Gavin!”

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