Sweeney Todd: Children's Barber of Sweet Street (Genre Blender Challenge)

“Nothing’s gonna hurt you, not while I’m around!” sung Sweeney to the crowd of children around his feet.

“YAY!” “Another song, Uncle Sweeney!” “Yeah!”

“Okay-okay,” succumbed Sweeney, who was dressed in his brightly colored barber’s apron with the rubber duckies and toy boats (the children’s favorite). “But you have to sing it with me!”

“Yay!” All the children jumped with joy.

“Seems t’be down right tame! Seems t’be trained! Such a nice, little mane!...”

After all the children had their haircuts, their nanny came back to take them home.

“Oh, Uncle Sweeney, you do such a nice job!”

“Well, they’re such nice children, aren’t they?”

“Yes, Uncle Sweeney! THANK YOU !”

Sweeney smiled. “I see you’ve all remembered your manners from last time!”

“Yes Uncle Sweeney!”

The all joined hands in a circle, and sang their farewell song.

“I have sailed the world, beheld it’s wonders, but there’s no place like Uncle Sweeney’s! Here we learn, cut our hair, sing and play, everyday! There’s no place like Uncle Sweeney’s!”

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