The 'Test'

“I…Uh, I didn’t mean that!” Shawn said, looking around nervously, at one clump of bushes in particular. Ravyn looked to where he was looking. “I mean, you are hot… I didn’t mean…”

“Is this some kind of prank? Is there a camera over there in those bushes? Is that why you keep looking over there?” Ravyn inquired, trying to put things together.

“Uh…I…uh..I’m sorry Miss!” Shawn cried, standing up and walking towards the bushes. “Shawn, I can’t do this! It’s too wierd! I did what you asked, can I have the money?”

Ravyn stared, confused beyond reason as another man stood up from the bushes. He stepped out, handing ‘Shawn’ some money, and brushing off some leaves.

“Thanks Tobi.” The real Shawn said. Tobi bowed and ran off. Shawn watched him go before turning to Ravyn. “Sorry ‘bout that. I just had to make sure that you are… Well, you! I don’t want somebody else that is no good, now do I? And it was kinda a test, and you passed. Plus, you are hot!”

Ravyn stared, confused and shocked.

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