Magasin de fleurs and Flashing lights [Criss-Cross Challenge]

Emily and Kathrine (Courtney, you didn’t make up a name for you character, so I kinda made up one. Sorry!) sat in a small diner, chating softly over cups of coffee. Kathrine still had a few bandges on her arm from her ordeal.

“So what happened? I know a few months ago your apartment burned down, like my flower shop, but what’s this?” Emily asked, nodding towards Kathrine’s bandaged arm.

“Some guys attacked me. I had to go to the hospital, and all that stuff!” Kathrine said. “You look a little beaten up yourself. Anything new at the flower shop. I heard you had your Re-opening last week.”

Emily sighed. “You know how I said I was divorced? Well, it seems john never signed the papers, so we’ve been astranged all this time. He found me, and came…Well…He tried to get me to be his ‘toy’ again.” Emily said.

“Oh…....”Kathrine said, sipping her coffee.

“Well, who do you think has the worst life? Me, or you?” Emily asked, laughhing.

“I would have to say its a draw!” Kathrine said, also laughing.

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