Little Boy Blue

I sware this crazy guy was trying to ruin my fun. Of course I knew the lever was stuck. I was okay with this even though I could feel myself becoming paler by the minute. My ears must have been wind blown because I could barely hear this dude. Something about hospitals I think he was saying.All of a sudden it hit me, how dizzy and woozy I was. I know I am only 13, but people probably thought I was drunk. Then, BOOM , I felt my head smack the cold, hard cement.Then woah, I’m hooked up to these cords and in a tiny moving room. Where am I? Then, more dizziness and I’m in a hospital room, five doctors poking and probing me like an experiment.They probably think I am a physco because I am sort of…let’s just say not right. No need for details, I barely know you.But I mean come on, do I really need therapists asking me questions and doctors doing experiments and IV for riding a swing and then hitting my head?These guys are ridiculous.Well, I still can’t hear that well but I hear, “Therapy…Depression…”

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