How Not To Act On National Television

I stood up and turned toward the audience, motioning with my eyes for Emily to do so also with my eyes.
“This concludes the preview from our new Short Film, “How Not To Act On National Television”! Thank you!” I took Emily’s hand and we bowed. She looked at me gratefully.
The audience cheered and laughed, even Ellen was smiling. Kevin on the other hand looked relieved, Nick looked a little confused and Joe looked as if he might laugh at any moment.
“Now for the proper way to thank the Jonas Brothers.” Emily said, catching on immediately.
We turned to them and curtsied and then we waved at them, Princess Diaries style. “Thank you for being here today!” we said in mock british accents. The audience nearly died laughing.
Joe who seemed to be enjoying this immensely stood and bowed. “No, thank you.”
Ellen jumped in. “So how was For A Reason written? And what is it about?”
Joe, Emily and I sat down on the couch again.
Nick started to tell the story.

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