Making A Promise

“Well,” he explained, “you know, we met Wesley and Emily in really strange, unexpected ways. And, a lot happened. But, it turns out that we became good friends. We’re all really happy that we met. So, it just shows that everything happens for a reason. And, that’s what this song is about.”

“Wow,” said Ellen, “that sounds like a really great, meaningful song. I wish we could have you guys perform it but, the show’s almost over. So, I’m going to make you a promise.”

The audience began to cheer.

“Within the next month or so, I’m having all five of you back on, and you’re gonna perform, okay?”

We all smiled and nodded as the audience continued to cheer.

After hugging Ellen and saying goodbye, we walked offstage. My heart was pounding. Partly from excitement, partly from embarrassment.

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