CherryPop vs. the Stupid Zombies

More mindless zombies stepped out of the darkness and into the crowd. Their ceaseless, almost feral moaning gave a rumbling resonance to the shrieks and screams filling the air as my protesters struggled to keep from being eaten.

I plowed into the crowd and began dragging the zombies off of my people. Liam followed and just grabbed and threw the zombies aside like dolls, the showoff. But his aid allowed me time to focus on a spell I knew that created a sort of invisible barrier around my people that the zombies could not breach. I yelled at everyone to head for the parking lot while the frustrated zombies began throwing their bodies against the barrier.

I concentrated on keeping it up until Liam shouted that the last of our people had made it to their cars. Liam came to stand by me as my strength began to wane and the barrier wavered.

“Good barrier.” He said calmly, watching the zombies begin to zero in on us. “Now what?”

I looked up at him, took a deep breath and said, “Run.”

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