Pixel Clouds

The clouds drifted calmly, converted by Alexi’s overlay into an array of blocky white pixels of varying opacity. Next to him the skyscraper windows flickered past, workers watching him fall in a snow angel config, calm as can be.

In his gut he felt the gyroscope spinning up. It rotated his primary axis while his body automatically braced for impact, his mind lingering on the near perfection of the aioli slathered panini bite he was still chewing.

Concrete shattered, windows fractalized & a row of car alarms wailed as he landed, the smart plastics in his legs reconfiguring to absorb the shock entirely, leaving what few internal organs he still owned completely unharmed.

On his internal HUD the calendar blinked an appointment alarm. He thought countdown & it began in the upper right of his POV . 5 Minutes to deliver the ‘package’ he’d just ‘liberated’.

Another calendar event reminded him of a date with a gorgeous redhead in 2 hours.

He leapt 20 feet, railed off a row of parked cars & rounded the corner.

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