Putting On A BandAid (CLFM 25)

The smartass time traveler started sorting out his messes, I looked up at the sky. It looked odd, like it was cracking.

“That’s not good,” Les said.

“What’s happening? I asked.

“It’s another realm,” Les explained. “A magical realm linked to us by, let’s just say an energy portal. It’s really a lot more complicated than that. He’s thrown it out of synch.”


“Not for a while,” he spoke slowly, carefully choosing his words. “They call this world Locansia and believe it’s inhabited by powerful magicians. Once they learn the truth though,” he gave a shrug of his shoulders. “I know they have armies amassed on the other side.”

“Is there nothing we can do?”

“Us,” Les said. “No, but there’s a woman in this world who might just have the powers. I’ve arranged for her to get my calling card, if you’re interested.”

“Well, we’ve got to stop the mess that Patsy over there caused,” I threw a grimace at the youth as he blinked in and out, he blinked in and out faster. “Let’s go.” I said.

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