Awoke on an Island

I awoke to my mouth salty dry and a boy looking on over me.
Wa wa where am I?

Mike: Hello, are you ok?
Me: mmm…
Mike: Well at least you’re actually trying to make out some words.

I try to stand up, he stops me.

Mike: Slowly… Here, it was the fastest I could fix something to drink from this side of the island.

He hands me a coconut with a hole in it. I sat up and drank it. Wait island, oh crap. Where am I?

Me: Where… am…. I?
Mike: Hey she speaks. Do you remember your name?
Me: Demi.
Mike: Hi Demi, name’s Mike.
Me: Hi… so… where am I?
Mike: You don’t remember much do you?
Me: Let see… The last thing I remember was getting on an airplane.
Mike: I see. Well you are on an uncharted island. I found you here on the side of the beach.

Oh no… I must have been in an airplane crash or something, but why can’t I remember? Ow my head hurts

Mike: Let me take you to my side of the island.

All the sudden he picks me up no problem Wow! He is strong!

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