How a Juice Box Can Make you Feel like an ASS

She had told me “Have anything in the fridge, seriously its fine!” and I had happily abliged being very dry mouthed from how nervous I was to be at the house of the girl I liked.

Inside the packed fridge, I found a row of little orange juice boxes. These were unlike any juice boxes I had ever remembered seeing, being only about an inch tall! Yet some how in the back of my mind I was recalling something significant about them in my distant past.

“Just the perfect thing to wet my whistle” I thought to my self.

I was leaning against the kitchen counter, a little out of the conversation between her and her sister, when I realeased my familiarity with these boxes. I suddenly remembered she was a type 1 diabetic, and the very sugary shot I was quickly gulping down had probably saved her before from a dangerous lack of glucose. It always seems that these things happen to me…

Im sure she noticed me drinking her medicine, but for the sack of awkwardness, she let it slide.

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