Not So Bloody Mary (CLFM 27)

“Jenna! How?” Kristen rushed towards her lost friend.

I watched the vampire’s face turn to horror as she recognized Kristen. Kristen still didn’t believe me, even though I’d tried for the entire journey to explain the cause of Jenna’s death and second life. Arthur’s cat, tired of being in the car rubbed itself against my leg one more time before making a nuisance of itself around the patrons of the bar.

Jenna looked at me and I could see the bloodlust in her eyes. Her fangs dropped.

“Oh!” Kristen stopped, moments before she threw her arms around Jenna. The disappointed woman cast me a look of recrimination and, finally, belief.

“Let’s sit and talk,” I suggested, pulling a chair up around an empty table. The cat leaped up on Jenna’s lap, calming her enough for the vamp to withdraw her fangs.

“You don’t like being a vampire, do you?” Kristen asked hopefully.

“No, of course not,” Jenna snapped back.

“Good,” Kristen smiled. “Because we know of a way to change you back to a human.”

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