Mindless Chit-chat

“So, I heard that you can come with me, am I right?” Shawn said, sitting down down on the bench. He patted the seat next to him and Ravyn sat down also.

“Yes, before that whole fiasco…” Ravyn replied. Shawn was quite for a moment, thinking.

“Do you mean you might not want to go because of that?” He asked nodded to the bushes he appeared from.

“I don’t know,” Ravyn said, hiding a small smirk. “I do have better things to do. Other people would like my assistance too.”

O-Other people. Who are these other people? Please don’t tell me its… Him…” Shawn asked, going slightly pale. Ravyn sat there, staring at him. She, of course, made that up, just to see his reaction. She didn’t expect him to take it so…. Seriously. Something esle was going on.

“I… Don’t really know myself.” Ravyn said, thinking of what else she could say. “But its no big deal! I mean, non of them are asking me to go on a journey, as you call it. They just want help with some text on some document. No big deal!”

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