Creature That Fell To Earth (CLFM 28)

“No monsters here,” I told Jenna. “Just sleep.”

She was lying back in a recliner, Kristen and I sitting either side and all of us holding hands in a circle. Through the window I could see the cracks in the sky getting worse.

The only one happy here was the cat who snuggled, asleep, in Jenna’s lap.

“Vampires don’t sleep,” Jenna complained, yawning.

I felt the pulse of power going through the circle, amazingly Kristen was overflowing with it.

“You’ll sleep here,” I told her. “The magic insists on it.”

As the vampire slept, Kristen, with Les’s instructions, began patching the sky portal using the evil energies that made Jenna a vampire and combining it with hers and what little I’d grown to have. At the end of this Jenna would be human again.

Slowly, like an oil painting, the cracks filled and the sky turned into a normal, starry night.

Just before the final crack was done, something fell through.

“Good God,” Kristen gasped, sealing the final hole. “That thing has got to be killed.”

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