Fifteen Blush

The boy took me by the waist and kissed me. It was everything. We knew that all the moment we had waited was finally here and it was real. I knew it was not quite right. But my body defeated my mind and beat it to the finish line. He rushed me onto his bed and tore off my clothes as he kissed me. Breaths were heavy, I ripped his shirt off. It was so hard to relate to anything else. The room was sudden, the air was stale. The world paused and he entered. He hushed my moans with his mouth. Our bodies tried so hard to understand and reason. Fierce as a lion eating its pray. I fought him, he fought me. Each and every single thrust made me more his and the music in the background only watched like figurines watch their observers straight in the eye. Appeal was at its climax and skin had melted into the other. Breathing was at each other’s eardrums and this was what close physical distance felt like. We had just lost this challenge that life gives us from birth, we defeated every purpose that there was ever to us.

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