Nightmares Always Come First

Sora sat in the garden, listening to some music. But something felt wrong. She took out the earphones and listened carefully. Everything around her was quiet…eerily so. A foul breeze made her jet black hair swish from one side of her head to the other. She set down her CD player and got up; she stretched out a hand to support herself, and someone took it instead.

The touch was cold, like ice, and she shuddered.
“Would you like some assistance?” a very smooth voice asked her. Sora shivered again; for some reason, this person reminded her of Aysen, but his complete opposite.
“What do you want?” Sora asked, trying to stop the tremors from the cold of his palm. His grip tightened ever so softly.
“Who are you?” she exclaimed.

Something swept her off her feet, and Sora opened her mouth to scream. An icy hand slid over her mouth, and muffled her words and yells. A chilling breath crawled down her nape.

“I’m your worst nightmare.”

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