Legend of Hope

”...when angels fall to earth, no one notices anymore.”, the mother paused in her story, and looked out the window. The stars glittered in the night sky. She turned back to her daughter, all tucked into bed. The daughter was still wide awake. She never got tired of hearing the legend.

“Even though corruption and evil rule, with the gods turning their backs on us, there is still hope.”, the mother smiled when she and continued the story. “They say that out of the darkness, a hero will rise. When hope reaches its weakest, he will come.” Then her daughter asked her something she had never asked before.

“Mom, what happens if hope is lost, before he comes?”

The mother looked at her and said, “While there’s life, there’s hope.” He daughter smiled. “Goodnight my sweet.”, the mother said as she kissed her goodnight.

As she got up she looked back at her daughter, hoping that she would be able to see the day when the legend would come true.

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